Humanitarian action starts with your donation

Support Skills4Aid's activities for local and national actors in Africa:

  • Provide a rapid response to the needs of populations affected by humanitarian crises.
  • Protect the greatest number of vulnerable people by reducing morbidity and mortality, alleviating suffering and improving the well-being, human dignity and quality of life of those affected by humanitarian crises.
  • Effectively respond to the needs of affected populations in hard-to-reach areas
  • Be better in good governance, transparency and accountability in their institutions and organizations.
  • May prevent crises and act for peace and sustainable development. And therefore reduce some causes of migration.

Financial donation or Material donation

Financial donation by bank transfer

on the account / BIC = GEBABEBB SWIFT : / IBAN : BE77001861560342

with the mention « donate »

Donations of materials for local and national actors in Africa

To access the mentoring platform, you need an internet connection and a computer.

Funds will be intended to provide local and national actors with an internet connection and computers.

« Monitor and evaluate a child protection project with smartphones or tablets »

The activities of Skills4Aid are based on an innovation approach. Builds capacity of local and national actors on the use of new technologies to improve the humanitarian response.

You can deposit your donations at Skills4Aid headquarters.

We can collect donations to your address.

You can send us your donations by parcel.


83, rue de l’Infante,
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