Results-based activitiesNexus-Humanitarian-DevelopmentTailored support adapted to the contextFocus on innovation


  • Results-based activities.

The activity will focus on one or more predefined and to be achieved results. The professional, whether mentor, coach or trainer, will make every effort to ensure that the support leads to the defined result. There will be a follow-up of the activity and the level of achievement of the results will be evaluated by the beneficiary. In addition, an impact report will be produced each quarter.

  • Nexus Humanitarian -Development.

Because the issues of institutional capacity, training of local and national actors are fundamental to achieve an integrated humanitarian response and development. Because improving accountability and participatory governance helps prevent crises and promote development and lasting peace; Skills4Aid is part of the humanitarian-development nexus.

  • Support tailored and adapted to the context.

The support will be personalized and adapted to the specific needs of the beneficiary. With a consideration of the external context to the structure (economic-political, socio-cultural, languages) and the internal context to the structure (Dynamics of work, internal policy, human capacity and internal material ...) Knowing that training tools Most of them are developed globally on the basis of international standards and therefore difficult to apply directly in a given context. In particular: The fundamental humanitarian norm of quality and accountability; In order to ensure ownership and institutionalization of capacity building tools, these will be contextualised.

  • Focus on innovation.

Skills4Aid promotes the transfer of skills in the context of new information and communication technologies, digital monitoring & evaluation, sharing best practices, research and development. But also the gift of computer equipment (tablets and computers)


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