Institutional capacity building of local and national actors
for an effective humanitarian response


  1. Acteurs non étatiques locaux et nationaux :
    • ONG nationales / organisations de la société civile (OSC)
    • ONG / OSC locales
    • Sociétés nationales Croix-Rouge / Croissant-Rouge
    • Organisations locales et nationales du secteur privé
  1. Local and national state actors:
    • National governments (national government agencies, authorities, ministries and public institutions)
    • Local governments (sub-national government entities, eg local / municipal authorities)

Geographical scope

Skills4Aid intends to cover African countries in humanitarian crisis. In particular the Sahel countries.

Throughout the Sahel region (Mali, Burkina Fasso and Niger) the number of displaced persons has risen sharply, increasing the risks of protection. . Humanitarian response plans in all three countries provide a total of $ 600 million to help 3.7 million people in need.

Niger, our pilot country is facing an unprecedented crisis with:

2.3million people in need for a total population of 22 million.
A request for funding of $ 383 million.
multiple and prolonged crises: Terrorism, intercommunal violence, epidemics, malnutrition and food insecurity.
(Niger, 2019 Humanitarian Response Plan, OCHA)


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