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Skills4Aid is an international NGO that aims to support communities, NGOs and local authorities for more effective humanitarian assistance in West Africa. 


International NGO dedicated exclusively to strengthening institutional capacities in respect of language, culture and context of humanitarian intervention.


Local and national actors are able to prevent crises or respond effectively.

Bintou SYLLA
Bintou SYLLAFounding President

Lawyer, specialized in human rights with 12 years of experience in protection first with the Brussels Public Prosecutor in the fight against financial crime and then with national NGOs in Africa and Belgium as well as United Nations agencies (Unicef, Unhcr) in the areas of child protection and refugees protection.

As coordinator of the Child Protection Area of Responsibility (CPAoR) in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Niger, I worked in building the capacity of local and national non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and Government authorities in the field of protection. I realized that technical programs (child protection, protection against gender-based violence, etc.) were often poorly implemented by local and national actors due to their institutional weaknesses which reduced the effectiveness of the humanitarian response. These actors needed substantial support in areas such as coordination, governance, monitoring and evaluation, financial transparency and accountability.

Therefore, it seemed to me necessary to create the NGO Skills4Aid exclusively dedicated to strengthening institutional capacity of local and national actors working in humanitarian context.


83, rue de l’Infante,
1410 Waterloo, Belgique.

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